PDA Sport Stats - Order Information


The PDA Sport Stats - Squash application is packaged as Palm Application File type ready to be installed into your PalmOS with a standard Palm installation procedure.

For Palm OS 3.5 and higher download:


Version 1.5 released on:20050622 (A5)

zip format download:


Version 1.5 released on:20050622 (A5)


Free Trial: Thirty (30) day free trial is available. After this period software must be registered; otherwise it will be disabled. For registration please follow PDA Sport Stats - Squash Help Register instructions.

Free Trial Restriction: only one set is allowed to track.

For a registration you need to e-mail a PassCode generated by PDA Squash software. You will receive a Paypal invoice (or another arrangement) and after it is paid you will receive an e-mail with an unique PassKey. This PassKey needs to be typed into Help Register to complete Squash registration.

E-mail for any type of arrangements...

Price: US$69.95

Ask for discount for multiple copies.

Provide a discount or promotional code during registration.

There can be made any arrangement (e-mail: squash@pdasportstats.com for a whole package - PDA with Squash software installed and registered (shipping within USA included) as example:



The PalmOS Emulator can be downloaded into your PC or a laptop for your testing. It has also the limited time trial and when it expires software will be disabled.


(After downloading and saving this file to your PC, click on the Emulator icon to run emulator. If you are asked about a Skin - reply 'No' to use a Generic skin. Right click enters into Emulator menu with Exit item. If you wish to make Palm Emulator appers smaller/larger right click->Skins... In Other Options uncheck/check Double scale box).

Warning: the emulator usage has expired - here is the workaround:

1. when emulator comes up enter Prefs.

2. there change date to July 4th 2006.