PDA Sport Stats - Stast Play By Play

The Play By Play stats can be generated for completed match only from the File menu Transfer Stats to PC. There you will select a match from the list and enter the PlayByPlay button. This creates this stats for each game into PDA MemoPad application as the following example for traditional (9 points) Game 1 only:

The complete encoding is provided on the PDA Squash application Help Menu PlayByPlay Stats. Here is only few hints for your idea:

It is a game 1 as shown in the header. There is a sequence of 18 rallies. Joe is a Player A, Frank Player B.

1.point: A-> was on serve; A ended a rally with a SErveWinner, thus only 1 hit/1 hit total

2.point: A-> on serve; B ended with BackHandError after 7 hits and 8 hits total