PDA Sport Stats - Tennis (Palm OS - Features)

The PDA Sports Stats - Tennis features on PalmOS the following:

  1. Provides a method for collecting winners and errors during a tennis match by simply tapping your stylus on the appropriate tennis stroke (1st serve, 2nd serve, forehand, backhand, drop shot, volley, overhead and passing shot).
  2. Updates the game score (e.g. 15 - 40).
  3. Updates the set score (e.g. 6:2, 1:0).
  4. Provides the actual match time.
  5. Automatically switches the serves after each game or after 2 points in a tiebreak.
  6. Automatically switches the sides after every odd game.
  7. Stores up to 5 events (points) and allows to Undo/Redo points.
  8. Provides a 'Save' function to save an interrupted match.
  9. Provides a 'Open' function to open a saved match.
  10. Provides a 'Delete' function to delete the unwanted Stats or Interrupted Match records from Palm PDA.
  11. Provides an Option to select the match format (1,3,5 sets and more options for each set including AD/noAD games)
  12. Generates the set and the match Instant Statistics during for the current match from File menu ->Instant Stats.
  13. Generates the set and the match Summary and Detailed Statistics from File menu Open (Stats) for completed match.
  14. The default format of the match is preset to the best of 3 sets with a tiebreak for each set.
  15. Version 1.1 introduced stats transfer from PDA to PC in TEXT and HTML format. (details in Stats)
  16. Version 2.0 introduced a unique PlayByPlay feature. You can get sequentialy every point of the match!