PDA Sport Stats - Software Features


The PDA Sports Stats - Squash features on Palm OS the following:

1. Provides a method for collecting winners and errors during a squash match by simply tapping your stylus on the appropriate squash shot ( serve, forehand, backhand, drop shot, volley, boast and kill shot).
2. Updates the game score (e.g. 3-2).
3. Updates the match score (e.g. 9:2, 4:0).
4. Provides the actual match time in seconds.
5. Automatically switches the server during the game.
6. Stores up to 5 events (points) and allows to Undo points.
7. Provides a 'Save' function to save an interrupted match.
8. Provides a 'Open' function to open an interrupted or a completed match to continue or to view match and game statistics.
9. Provides a 'Delete' function to delete the unwanted Stats or Interrupted Match statisticss from Palm PDA.
10. Provides an Option to select the match score format - traditional (9 points, set 1 or set 2 choice when game is tied 8:8) or PSA (11 points).
11. Provides the sc (Stroke Conduct) button.
12. Generates the game and the match Instant Statistics during the current match from File menu Instant Stats.
13. Generates the game and the match Summary and Detailed Statistics from File menu 'Open Stats' for completed match.
14. Generates 'Play by Play' Statistics where each rally (score, who served, who and how ended this rally, number of hits during a rally and total hits) is recored in a sequence.
15. All statistics can be transfered into the PDA MemoPad in Text and HTML format and from there transfered to the PC ready to be published on internet.