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The days of carrying around a clipboard or a laptop to squash matches are over.

Squashflik Inc. and Avruk, LLC have finally developed an outstanding teaching tool that is available to everyone in the squash world via the Web. It is one of the first handheld squash software packages that can be downloaded to your Palm Pilot or Mobile phone which supports Palm OS.

PDA Sport Stats® - Squash© is a feature rich software that collects squash match data and generates detailed match and games statistics. It allows squash players of all levels, coaches and parents to visualize , analyze and manage matches in order to improve their game.

Here is a picture of the main screen:

and a picture of one final statistic generated by Squash software after a transfer from PDA to the PC (in html format):

Match statistics

Free Trial: Thirty (30) day free trial is available. After this period the software must be registered; otherwise it will be disabled. Please go to Order


e-mail: squash@PDASportStats.com