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PDA Sport Stats ® - Tennis © is a feature rich software that collects tennis match data and generates detailed match statistics. It allows tennis players of all levels, coaches and tennis parents to visualize, analyze and manage tennis matches in order to improve their game.

Most likely you are familiar with IBM provided tennis statistics during major ATP/WTA tournaments. With this PDA Sport Statistics - Tennis software you can do it yourself, better, anytime and anywhere... please click on the real match stats collected during 2005 French Open semifinale between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to get idea how this non-expensive tool can be helpfull in your player or child tennis development.

Federer Nadal Match (just check Roger's BackHand errors = 22!)

or recent 2008 Australian Open Final between Jo Tsonga and Novak Djokovic - all available stats as:

Please check Djokovic 2nd serve stats in 2nd and 4th set (both 78% winning) and in my opinion this was a reason why he took home his first Grand Slam trophy!



PDA Sport Statistics - Tennis was originally developed for Sharp Zaurus SL-5500. Then in 2005 it was ported into PalmOS devices and in 2006 was released for Pocket PC PDAs. In 2007 Pocket PC version 3.3 was just released with a major change to collect Forced and Unforced Errors (see Screen.)


There are now 3 statistics available:


Few words from an expert about this product:

PDA Stats had developed the most useful and useable tool for the serious tennis player since the ball machine. To really get better, a player needs accurate information. PDA Stats for Tennis is the single best way I know to get that verified information. As a collegiate coach and teaching pro, I give it my highest recommendation.

Ron Waite, USPTR
Author of "Turbo Tennis"

... and other users:

It's the best program I've seen so far, especially for the price.

Sandra Andersen, Houston


The pdasportstats program has been a valuable tool for our boys' tennis development. It is easy to use, reliable, allows printouts of the match statistics, and makes review of matches with the boys a comprehensive experience.

With the available statistics, they can identify areas of weakness, focus on these weak areas, and then see
the positive results in subsequent matches. It provides great feedback for the player and coach.

Dr. Michael Chang, Winston-Salem NC


The software is great. Very easy to use. I am very happy with this product.

Carl Boehm, Charlotte NC


I love this software! I used it tonight in a tournament my husband is playing in our club. Its the first time I've used it on anyone other than my son. I had lots of people asking me about it and where I got it. I am printing a copy of tonight's stats and taking it to several people tomorrow who are interested in the software. It is really easy to use and the results are interesting and helpful. Thanks - great stuff!

Julie Gilbert


BTW - I think the PBP (PlayByPlay) feature is awesome. I can print that off for my sons and then circle number of times the opponent claimed more than three consecutive points in a row (I've heard this called a momentum shift). It's amazing in juniors how the train can fall off the track and half-a-dozen points can be 'gifted' to the opponent. Your PBP feature should be posted on the grand slams - it's great.

Munsell Randall


I've been using your program for almost 2 years now ... and because of it, I was able to illustrate to my son, that despite having switched to a one-handed backhand, the majority of his errors were coming from his forehand. We then geared practices to improving forehand consistency (and reducing UEs) while also continuing to improve backhand mechanics and strength. Additionally, we noted a lack of Aces and Winners in the serve category. We put more emphasis on serves, and those stats improved as well. Numbers don't lie, and we had a substantial database to draw from in order to gear practices accordingly. Your program has been an invaluable tool in improving his tennis game! For that matter,
I don't leave home without it and ensure my PDA's battery is always charged!

Orlando Martinez, LtCol, USAF
41 AS/ADO Little Rock AR

One of the ways our program continues to function on the cutting edge of collegiate tennis technology is by using a software program to compile meaningful player match statistics that can be reviewed by players and coaches after each home match. With a small group of statisticians, headed by Jack Amos, these stats sheets are presented to coaches and players within 48 hours after any home match. We are fortunate to be working with such useful tennis statistical software. If you, as high school coaches, are interested in learning more about this software that is available to your program please visit this web site for details:


I believe you will find this easy to use software well worth the small purchasing price. It can be used for tournament or team match play. The concrete evidence of how each player faired during match play is invaluable for planning practice sessions in the future. If you visit the website and have any specific questions about the tennis statistical software, that is very easy to use, please feel free to pose any quesitons you might have to me.

The excerpt was taken from weekly news email sent to Florida High School tennis coaches.

Mike Hoctor
Volunteer Assistant Coach
University of Florida Men’s Tennis (Gators)



e-mail: tennis@PDASportStats.com

Last update: January 20th , 2009