PDA Sport Stats: Home for SQUASH and TENNIS statistics

Avruk, LLC has developed tennis and squash statistical software for Zaurus, PalmOS and PocketPC PDAs as:

1. PDA Sport Stats ® - Squash© (PalmOS only)

2. PDA Sport Stats ® - Tennis© (PalmOS, PocketPC, Zaurus)

Attention PocketPC (Dell AXIM, HP iPAQ, Treo, etc.) owners:

Tennis software is now available on PocketPC devices.

Updated Pocket PC version 4.0 has just been released. For more details and screen view please check Screen.


Brand new color Z22 or Z31 (Palm PDA) with either Tennis or Squash software installed and registered for only $159*. See download.

*shipping within continental USA included.

As Brad Gilbert in his latest book I'VE GOT YOUR BACK states: "Enthusiasm can't be faked. It must be found." ... this software is for tennis or squash enthusiastics indeed....

Follow Squash or Tennis links to learn more details including free trial software download.

You can download tennis feature specification document:




IPAQ PDA Sports Tennis Stats Format *

(* courtesy of Mike Hoctor University of Florida - Gators)

Both applications were developed with the following objectives:

  • Intuitive, friendly and very easy to use

  • Implement one single integrated screen to collect all statistics without losing track and enjoyment of the match. One stylus touch per point (winner or error).

  • Provide easily readable and accurate tennis Match and Set statistics. It also provides unique Play By Play statistics, which tracks every single point of the match.

  • Affordable for everyone.
You need only few minutes to get started with the Help menu provided. You will master software fast and it will reward you with accurate results that will help you to improve your players or your kids game.

Tennis or Squash are not cheap sports. Parents, clubs, schools or sponsors are spending thousands of dollars for equipment, lessons, travelling or fees every year. However, coaches do not have any tools (except statistics provided by IBM during the major tennis tournaments) that would enable them to monitor every match performance and identify area(s) in which players need improvement.

PDA Sport Stats software will definitely help you to identify those areas. The software can also be used to monitor potential opponents and chose a match strategy accordingly.

This software supplies you with a new weapon: you can take tennis match statistics yourself - anywhere and anytime. Tennis match statistics accuracy will be totally up to you.

Important note for parents: even if you are not a tennis or squash professional you can easily collect statistics for your child, print it, pass it or e-mail it to your child's coach.




Last update: September 5th , 2009