PDA Sport Stats - Tennis (Order for PalmOS)


Palm OS 3.5 and higher download:


Version 2.4 released on:20060327 (X3)

zip format download:


Version 2.4 released on:20060327 (X3)


Purchase Palm software or PDA:

Price for Palm software: US$49.95


Price for color Palm Z22 or Z31 PDA with installed software: US$159.00



Pocket PC:


Version 4.0 released on:20090128 (HX40)

Version 4.0 is compatible with 3.3

For Pocket PC device you need both:




Older versions:

Version 3.3 released on:20070819 (HX33)



Click on each of above files and download them to your PC. Then connect your PocketPC to your PC (ActiveSync) and click on tennis.setup1 and then tennis.setup2.

The Tennis software will be installed into your PocketPC.

Purchase PocketPC software:

Price for software Pocket PC: US$69.95



Installation: The PDA Sport Stats - Tennis application is installed per standard Palm or PocketPC installation procedure.

Free Trial: Thirty (30) day free trial is available. After this period software must be purchased and registered; otherwise it will be disabled. For registration please follow PDA Sport Stats - Tennis Help/Register instructions.

Free Trial Restriction: only one set is allowed to track without any saving capability

You need to e-mail the PassCode from Tennis->Help->Register (the best way to disclose the PassCode with a payment). The corresponding PassKey will be e-mailed you back which you will enter from Tennis->Help->Register. This will unlock the full software version.

Ask for discount for multiple copies.

Please contact us at:

e-mail: tennis@pdasportstats.com for any arrangements, questions, issues and bugs report.