PDA Sport Stats - Tennis (Palm OS Main Screen)

The PDA Sport Stats - Tennis Main Screen

for Palm or Pocket version 2.5

Please note that the first service buttons on the left side and all service buttons on the right are invisible. The left player is currently on the second serve.


PocketPC 2009:

The latest Tennis version 4.0 Pocket PC has the following features:

  • Color buttons
  • Error category was expanded into Unforced errors (Ue) and Forced errors (Fe) for BH - BackHand, VB - VolleyBackhand, DS - DropShot, OH - OverHead, PL - PassLob, VF - VolleyForehand and FH - ForeHand
  • Optionality for serves was removed
  • Limit of maximum of 100 matches was removed and it is unlimited until memory is available
  • New Menu option Notes (to take a note with an automatic score prefix ex. ( <1.set 0:1 0:40>::Bad line call)
  • Hint for each label by clicking on it (ex. BH will display Backhand in the hint area )
  • The last shot text confirmation (ex. Drop Shot Unforced Error) also displayed in the hint area.
  • PlayByPlay statistics is now tabulated into two columns to better see winning points
  • ForceEnd option. By using this option, the statistics from this terminated, or incomplete match are generated the same as a regular uninterrupted completed match. This Force End option might might be invoked due to a conduct code default of one player. It will also be helpful in the case of a collegiate match, when the coaches agree to play a super ten point tiebreaker in lieu of a third set

The PocketPC screen now has the following view: